“Nilifika Uko Mbele Ya Eddy Nderitu And That Was Her Night” Karen Nyamu Talks About The Dubai Drama

Everyone who uses social media has eventually come across Karen Nyamu. With hard work and perseverance, she rose quickly to prominence as a social media influencer and Kenyan politician.

During Samidoh’s gig in Dubai a month ago, she confronted Samidoh’s wife, which quickly became the buzz of the internet.

Photo Courstesy
Photo Courstesy

Because of this, Eddy Nderitu became enraged and attacked her, making a ruckus in the nightclub. Samidoh took his wife Eddy Nderitu away from the scene after the incident, while his baby mom, Karen Nyamu, was removed by security.

About a few hours ago, Karen said on Instagram that God had been with her through every season of her life.

Screenshot Courstesy
Screenshot Courstesy

When one of her fans mentioned the controversy in Dubai and how she was mistreated and ultimately ejected, she was reminded of the incident.

She said that Samidoh left her with Eddy Nderitu’s wife and security guards, making a bad situation worse worse.

Photo Courstesy
Photo Courstesy

It was at this point that Karen Nyamu decided to respond to the criticism and set the record straight.

She claimed that Eddy Nderitu was spending the night with Samidoh after arriving in Dubai earlier. Even though that is her history, she told her fan to stop acting like she can predict people’s schedules.


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