Karen Nyamu Fires Back AT A Fan Who Addressed Her For Insulting Her Baby Daddy Online

Political activist and internet celebrity Karen Nyamu rose to prominence by sheer force of will and perseverance. Her current position is that of a Senator appointed by President William Ruto.

Just a few hours earlier, she made headlines in Kenya when she revealed that the father of her child was not circumcised.


Photo Courstesy
Photo Courstesy

Since she is a senator and a role model for the public, many people saw this as immoral behavior. While at work with officials, one of her fans decided to bring up the topic on Facebook a few hours earlier.

Screenshot Courstesy
Screenshot Courstesy

Women who are held in high esteem are allegedly busy spreading rumors about their partners’ paternity online.

Screenshot Courstesy
Screenshot Courstesy

He went on to say that it will be a heartwarming childhood experience for her children. Karen retaliated by questioning if he truly believed there were no uncircumcised men or that they were unable to father children. Please share your thoughts on this.


Robert Jonnes KE

Robert Jonnes KE is an accredited kenyan media practitioner & journalist that provides compelling news garnished with an acuity of beer and skittles across the digital space.

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