REVEALED: Timmy Tdat’s Music Career Ruined By His Own Indulgence In Excessive S3x

It has come to light that Timmy Tdat’s insatiable lust for women was the reason for his untimely death at the workplace.

Creator Andrew Kibe ripped against Timmy Tdat’s, detailing how the rapper’s penchant for sex over substance destroyed his own career.

In a video posted to YouTube, Kibe said that Tdat had begun slacking off on his music releases after he had begun sleeping with other women.

Photo Courstesy
Photo Courtesy

A question: “Where did Timmy Tdat’s go? This alliance will ensure the survival of the mziki. That kalid*nyana kid is really short. The Kalid*nyana became famous through the use of the kichwa kasahau ngoma. Kamednyana,” Kibe proclaimed.

The American blogger went on to warn musicians to keep their kismat and not let themselves get distracted by ladies.

When you’re trying to catch up to the competition, you should never slow down. Don’t ever fall behind. Kibe elaborated, saying, “Because what occurs is that it’s very difficult to get back in the game.”

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