How Magoha Obtained Nickname ‘Buffalo’ As He Managed To Fully Eliminate Cheating In KCSE

Since Mr. George Magoha’s death was announced yesterday evening, he has been the topic of conversation and his legendary deeds as one of the best education cabinet secretaries are slowly making their way into the public eye. The reports indicate that Magoha did well at Starehe Boys Center and then transferred to Strathmore.

Following that, he attended the University of Lagos, where he earned his medical and surgical degrees and eventually became a professor there. Apparently, professor George Magoha served as vice chancellor at the University of Nairobi before being appointed cabinet secretary to succeed Fred Matiang’i.

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While serving here, he became known as “buffalo” for his uncanny ability to calm down irate professors who couldn’t get along with their pupils. Because of his efforts, the quality of education has increased, and students across the board have shown considerable improvement as a result.

One of professor George Magoha’s most notable accomplishments was apparently finishing what Matiang’i had begun by getting rid of needless “false As” in the KCSE. Before Magoha, we could handle thousands of students with good grades due to leakage and cheating, but once he took control of examination cheating and applied severe punitive measures, we could only handle hundreds.

Magoha passes away only a week after deciding to publish a book about his life, in which he would boast of accomplishments like keeping the country’s educational standards high despite the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the book was supposed to be written after his brother’s funeral, but now they’re all gone. George Omore Magaha and Richard Alex Nyabera Magaha, rest in peace. Nation is the original source.


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