Azziad Speaks Over Alleged ‘Leaked’ Video

Azziad denied the allegations, saying the video was misleading because she is not the person in it.

An obscene video purportedly featuring social media star Azziad Nasenya Wafula appeared online, prompting her to speak out for the first time.

On Monday night, Azziad took to social media to deny the allegations, pointing out that the woman in the video is not her.

She also thanked her supporters for raising the red flag, noting that the lady who was supposedly her did not have any of her tattoos and suggesting that she get a new one to set her apart.

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“I’m sure by now most of you have seen it and I’m here to break your bubble because it ain’t me,” she stated in a video posted on Twitter.

You guys know all my tats, and I feel like at this point I should be rubberstamping some on my forehead to just show you that sure, that’s not me, and I appreciate my online family for coming through and saying that.

The TikTok star continued by telling the public to mind their own business, especially as the new year begins, and warning those who enjoy spreading rumors to be careful not to tarnish anyone’s reputation.

Because “if you are distributing such information then you are being an accomplice to cyber bullying,” she said that “we shouldn’t be in the business of providing misleading information on such things.”

You should be more ecstatic about the things that improve you as a person than the things that you believe will bring down the reputation of another person.

She urged the perpetrators of the hoax video to apologize for their acts and consider implementing the 4-life rule.

You need to improve; have a conference with yourself, ujiongeleshe kidogo. Pray to God, work diligently, mind your own business, and be good to others whenever you can; it won’t cost you anything.


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