Akothee’s Lover ‘Omosh’ Lands In Kisumu For Dowry Negotiations

Dennis “Omosh” Schweizer, the fiance of singer Akothee, arrived in Kisumu on a Monday night to initiate dowry talks.

Omosh, a Swiss national, was brought up from Kisumu International Airport by the glitzy singer and her closest circle of friends, amid considerable pomp and the presence of his Swiss buddies.

The dowry talks are scheduled to begin this week at Akothee’s house in Migori.

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Akothee was visiting the prosperous Central European nation in July 2022 when she ran into the man of her dreams.

Akothee would become pregnant for her three months later, only to miscarry on December 17.

Omosh has joined many of Akothee’s Kenyan businesses, and he is now the foundation’s chairman for her namesake organization.

And yet, in a phone interview with Citizen Digital, Akothee insisted that she is still the “President of Single Mothers,” despite the fact that she is ready to tie the knot and exit the singles market for ever.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Omosh, so when the opportunity arose to tie the knot, I jumped at it. Despite my new role, I will continue to serve as President of the Single Mothers. She explained that her status as a single mother was not indicative of whether or not she was currently parenting her children alone.

The ‘Omosh’ crew seemed delighted as they posed for pictures with Akothee, all of them decked out in cargo shorts, gray branded t-shirts, and sports shoes, and exchanging huge grins, laughs, and warm hugs.

After leaving the airport, the group traveled to Dunga beach, where they caught tilapia and ugali, and then on to the Kit-Mikayi, or “stone of the first wife,” which is one of Kisumu’s most visited tourist attractions.

Akothee expressed her joy on Instagram by asking, “Unaona hawa watatoa Ng’ombe ngapi?” Where do you stand on the Swiss franc, ami tupewe? To whom do you refer, Ng’ombe or Pesa? What do you think, “Ama yote?”

Over the past 13 years, Akothee has successfully operated her own travel agency, Akothee Safaris Tours and Travel. Now, she and Omosh have joined forces to expand their services internationally by including MySafari, her husband’s travel agency based in Switzerland.


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