Charlene Ruto’s 26-Year-Old Best Friend Appointed to a Top Position in President Ruto’s Government

The best friend of President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene, Njoki wa Mathira, has been promoted to a high government position.

The appointment of Njoki wa Mathira, a fervent follower of His Excellency the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, was announced by the spokesperson for the hustler nation movement, Dennis Itumbi.

Photo Courstesy
Photo Courstesy

The 26-year-old Njoki wa Mathira, according to Dennis Itumbi, has been appointed to the Kenya Ports Authority Board.

“Having three appointments today has really warmed my heart.

Photo Courstesy

Njoki Wa Mathira, first of all, I want to congratulate you on being elected to the KPA board. The fact that you got the assignment at the age of 26 is the stuff of legend and deserves to be expanded upon.” A man named Dennis Itumbi.

Photo Courstesy

In a heartfelt letter to Njoki wa Mathira, Dennis Itumbi, spokesman for the hustler nation movement, wrote, “your commitment to youth programs throughout the campaign and Radico too tells me you will deliver.”

Photo Courstesy
Photo Courstesy

His Excellency the Head of State President William Ruto’s daughter Njoki wa Mathira has been photographed both in and out of the country.


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