” Mandonga ni Mali Safi, Namtamani Sana”Justina Syokau opens up

Justia Syokau, one of the most well-known and divisive Kamba gospel singers, discusses her feelings for Tanzanian kickboxer Kareem Mandonga.

Internet sensation Justina recently told online media that Mandonga is a cute, energetic, and well-built man. She confirmed that their energies are compatible and expressed interest in meeting him in person someday.

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Justina Syokau expressed her delight at Mandonga’s victory and her admiration for the way he built up the fight and then demonstrated his claims. In a public statement, Justina expressed her willingness to visit Tanzania and meet Mandonga. She claimed to be single and not interested in dating at the moment, but she likes Mandonga for his enthusiasm and general approach to life.


Robert Jonnes KE

Robert Jonnes KE is an accredited kenyan media practitioner & journalist that provides compelling news garnished with an acuity of beer and skittles across the digital space.

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