“Lisemwalo Lipo” Karen Nyamu Finally Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

Currently netizens have been suspecting Karen Nyamu as most of them have always claimed that she might be pregnant but she is not ready to expose all that to the public.

This have always been clearly seen through her latest photos online which have always left netizens reacting in different ways as most of them came into conclusions that the politician cum celebrity might be pregnant.

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The senator’s questionable relationship with Samidoh has once again brought Karen Nyamu’s name into the spotlight.

Karen Nyamu, the senate nominee, has addressed pregnancy rumors that have appeared about her on social media by publishing a photo of her pregnant or perhaps pregnant belly with a text that leaves the reader to draw their own conclusion.

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If it’s not there, then I must be full on God, therefore I say, “Lisemwalo Lipo.”

Mugithi recording artist Samidoh is reported to be the father of Karen Nyamu’s two most recent children, in addition to the children he has with his first wife.

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