Meet 13 Young Kenyan Entrepreneurs Who Made Their First Million In Their 20s

Do you feel that you are too young to start your own company? Revisit your assumptions. Motivating young businesspeople like them created multimillion-dollar enterprises while still in their twenties. All in their twenties, they are living proof that success is inevitable if you work hard with what you have.

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Ecofuels was started by Cosmas Ochieng, a 26-year-old college dropout.

Eco Fuels Kenya’s success can be attributed in significant part to Cosmas Ochieng. Organic fertilizers, biofuel, and other health and wellness goods are all produced at this massive factory. His co-founder Alan Paul holds the position of Managing Director, but he also serves as Director of Operations.

Village Capital and Growth Africa provided substantial finance that year, which greatly aided the company’s expansion and growth. The two were included in Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 Innovators and Entrepreneurs in 2013.

I am Mark Kaigwa, and I am 25 years old. I am a partner at Afroinnovator.

IT professionals frequently seek out Mark Kaigwa’s advice. The business world is where he has had the greatest impact, teaching entrepreneurs how to use technology to improve their operations. Thanks to CNN’s recognition of Afroinnovator as one of Africa’s best blogs, Kaigwa was included on Forbes’ 2013 list of 30 Under 30 Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

Pluto, a 24-year cycle

Kenyan model, musician, entrepreneur, and YouTuber Robert Ndegwa Kamau, alias Thee Pluto. Thee Pluto, the third of five children, was born on August 27, 1999. When he was eight years old, he began his career in show business as a singer. Within the last two years, his loyalty test content on his YouTube channel, The Pluto Show, has exploded in popularity, making him one of Kenya’s most well-known YouTubers.

As a businessman, he has also made investments in the real estate market through his ownership of Planet Homes Kenya, which works with Airbnb, and Summer House Real Estate, which buys and sells property. He also acts as an influencer and brand ambassador for several companies.

Twenty-five year old Heshan Da Silva founded VenCap Kenya.

Heshan made a whopping Ksh. 122 million from the sale of his first company. His company’s specialty is helping fledgling enterprises attract investment capital. Forbes magazine has named him one of Africa’s up-and-coming young business leaders. It turned out that he was a phony after all.

The 26-year-old founder of Stawi Foods and Fruits, Eric Muthomi

After completing his undergraduate degree at USIU, Muthomi took advantage of the market for cheaper, healthier eating options. His company has been so successful that it has won a number of awards, including as the Enablis Chase Bank ILO Business Plan Competition (2011), the Nature Challenge (2011), and the Hamsini Awards (2012). (2013).

Twenty-year-old SkyDrop Enterprises co-founder Joel Mwale

Mwale sold his company to an Israeli firm for roughly Ksh. 42.5 million when he was just 19 years old. Through his company, SkyDrop Enterprises, young Mwale helped many residents of Kitale, his hometown, acquire access to safe, inexpensive water.

The businessman has now gained widespread renown and recognition, earning honors such as the 2011 Anzisha Prize for Youth Leadership and the 2012 Zeitgeist Young Minds Award.

Mwale was selected as a finalist for the Anzisha Prize after the success of SkyDrop, winning him Ksh. 3.5 million ($30,000) and a spot at the African Leadership Academy in South Africa. He parted with Ksh. 59 million ($500,000) in 2013 to sell Israeli investors 60% of his SkyDrop business.

YouTuber Evelyn Wanjiku Mungai, better known by her username Mungai Eve, is a 22-year-old influencer and video creator from Kenya. Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel has over 530,000 followers and 88 million views as of June 2022, making it one of the most popular in Kenya. She is one of the youngest Kenyan millionaires, earning up to Ksh. 1.5 million from YouTube in a good month and Ksh. 700,000 in a bad month, according to reports.

After abandoning his formal education at age 22, the 22-year-old found online stardom in 2020 thanks to his videos on the video sharing website YouTube. She has built her reputation to the point where she is now the face of a Kenyan betting company, Odibets.

22-year-old Ali Abdi runs Thrift Trendy as its chief executive officer.

Ali Abdi, better known by his alias Nairobi West Niccur, is a successful businessman, influencer, and fashion designer. He currently serves as CEO of Thrift Trendy, an online retailer of streetwear apparel, footwear, and accessories.

After completing high school, he launched his first store, where he initially specialized in selling secondhand items. Over time, he built up the Thrift Trendy name, and it quickly became well-known in Kenya. He’s a wholesaler and retailer of one-of-a-kind apparel and has dressed notable Kenyans including former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

States, 25 – Author

States is a video maker, YouTuber, and entrepreneur from Kenya. The couple’s Tiktok videos went viral, catapulting him to fame. Since then, he’s become a recognized face in the digital realm, amassing a fan base of over 162,000 on TikTok, 50,000 on YouTube, and 116,000 on Instagram.

He also runs States Liquor, which has locations in all of the settlements along Thika Road and is responsible for the distribution of wine and liquor in those areas.

Under the label States, he also operates a clothing boutique, a clothing line, and a vehicle lot. While doing an interview, he mentioned that he had made his first million writing freelance articles when he was just seventeen years old.

Fatboy Animations was started by Mike Muthiga, a 26-year-old, who also happens to be the company’s names

If you’ve seen any Faiba commercials, you have some idea of Muthiga’s potential. His work can also be seen in the Juma (Mazgwembe) ads for Safaricom.

Mike has a degree in civil engineering, but he did an amazing job in animation when he was just 17 years old. It’s worth noting that he also has Tinga Tinga Tales on his resume. According to rumors, he made Ksh. 3.5 million from the Faiba advertisement alone.

How Michael Muthiga, the man behind the Faiba ads, built a multimillion dollar company from his bedroom | whownskenya

Formed EcoPost at the age of 28 by Lorna Rutto

After leaving her position at a local bank in 2009, Lorna established EcoPost. Her business utilizes recycled plastics to produce fencing posts and other long-lasting products. She has successfully created 300 jobs and earned Ksh. 10.43 million as a result. Several other honors have been bestowed upon her since then.

This is Lorna Rutto of Kenya, the trash-to-wealth queen.

Founder and CEO of Dreamlt Computing Technology, Antony Mwaura is 24 years old.

Mwaura possesses a wide range of IT expertise and is an expert at making things happen. He started an IT firm called Dreamlt Computing Technology in 2010. Since 2011, he has also served as a Web programmer/Developer for Metrocomia East Africa.

He has been recognized for his contributions to the IT industry with accolades like 2012’s Outstanding Developer of the Year Award, and he has a Higher Diploma in the field.

Music Writer and content creator Natalie Tewa, age 29

Brand ambassador, video producer, and creator Natalie Tewa hails from Kenya. She has become famous for her vlogs about her travels and her daily life. Tewa has been making and uploading workout and makeup videos on her channel on YouTube since 2015. As her fame spreads, she has become one of the most talked-about young people in America.

Tewa boasted about her accomplishments in a blog she posted on her YouTube channel, including the fact that she had made her first million by the time she was 26 years old. For a living, she works as an architectural engineer.

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