Sasha Mbote Opens Up On How A Photo with Raila Ruined Her Her life

Sasha Mbote who took a photo with ODM leader Raila Odinga in 2017, has come out to disclose how the image ruined her life in Zanzibar.

“I screamed Oh my God! Baba! He stood up and shook my hand and he introduced me to his people. I told him my parents will not believe that I met you, can I please take a picture with you?”

Jimi Wanjigi said bring your phone, he is your Baba, Baba wa Kenya. I brought my phone and he took the pictures. Baba asked where I was sitting and he told me to join them, ” Sasha recalled.

After posting the photos on social media, the messages that flooded in made the phone unusable for a while.

Media houses in Kenya had published the photos and claimed that Odinga had been spotted with a masseuse in Zanzibar, fueling all manner of speculations, including being the former PM’s side chick.

Sasha was scared of returning to the country due to threats that she had been paid by Odinga’s rivals to taint his image.

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