“Huyu Hataki Mtu Afanye Kazi Yake” Nana Exposes Boyfriend ‘Madiba’ After He Did This To Her In Mombasa

“Huyu Hataki Mtu Afanye Kazi Yake” Nana Exposes Boyfriend ‘Madiba’ After He Did This To Her In Mombasa

Kenyan based top celebrated actresses and influencer Jackie Mutubai commonly known by her acting name Nana have recently been out together with her lover so as to enjoy some great moments together.

Nana and Madiba have shared to there fans that after several months of being busy throughout they had finally found some free time to chill and enjoy.

Recently the couple took to share on there Instagram page with the Jackie indirectly exposing her boyfriend Blessings Lunganho for being stubborn to her amidst the fact that she is heavily pregnant.

Photo Courtesy
Photo Courtesy

The two top celebrities had announced publicly to there fans about there romantic relationship last month and have eversince been always spotted together serving hot couple goals to there fans.

As the two are even currently expecting their first child who they might give birth to soon as Nana is currently heavily pregnant.

Jackie and Blessing became famous to the public in 2020, after they featured in a local television series Zora Citizen Television Series.

Taking to her Instagram account this evening, Nana posted a photo of her and Madiba, as she tried to adjust Madiba’s coat.

From the photo Madiba is however seen not so interested, as he is seen looking at the camera suspiciously and was also seen bored.

Nana is also dressed in Mombasa women’s rob, as the two are currently in Mombasa to launch ‘Sultana’, a local television series that has replaced Zora.

“Sasa huyu hataki mtu afanye kazi yake”. Read Nana’s caption on the photo as she meant that Madiba could not leave her and give her time to do his personal things.



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