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Hiphop drill rappers wakadinali popularly knownas RongRende or Zozanation,is a rap group founded by Scar mkadinali and Domani munga Aka Doche back in their days while still in highschool and in which later they were joined by Sewer Ryder to complete a three member Hiphop group.

Hiphop group wakadinali

Scar mkadinali

Scar mkadinali is one of the members of wakadinali.His real names Churchill Mandela is a kenyan rapper burned and raised from Eastlands Nairobi. The rapper came to limelight with his song dubbed “Kovu” which means Scar when translated to English in the year 2019.He later went on to featuring fellow kenyan rappers on kovu challenge that saw rapper Khaligraph Jones featuring in.

Domani munga

Popularly known as Doche and like Scar,Domani munga was born and raised from Eastlands.He is popularly known by releasing a series of songs dubbed “Mungu” .With Scar,they are the co-founders of Wakadinali and together they have released several hits like Morio Anzenza and many more.

Sewer syder

Sewer syder popularly known as “mjuku wa Suleh” his also part of the group wakadinali despite him joining Scar and Munga later.He has featured in many songs together with his colleagues the latest which is UMOROTO released some few weeks ago.


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